Sunday, 14 April 2013


Cars are also using the sea front to head for Paignton but those cars coming from Paignton only have the short diversion to negotiate, no trip round the ring road for them.

What I can not work out is why, if there is an enough room for a bus to get past the road works in one direction, the council haven't put traffic lights up. Surely it is better the be delayed for 5 minutes waiting at traffic lights then the 15 minute trip round the ring road. Also there are quiet a few bus stops not being served.

Anyone getting on in Paignton and wanting to get of at St Pauls, The Gasworks, Wheatridge Lane, Livermead Cliff, Livermead House, Seaway Lane and the Grand Hotel has either to get off at Preston Shelter and walk or take the tedious trip round the ring road to Torquay and catch a bus heading to Paignton. And of course those people wanting to get on at any of the above stops for Torquay have a long walk what ever they choose to do, walk to Preston shelter or to Torquay.

I was down at the road works this afternoon and the signs were clear, Road Closed and a diversion sign pointing up Cockington Lane.

This driver did a Chris Huhne, you know, driving rules are for other people type thing and ignored the signs and went the wrong way. And guess what 30 seconds late a police car turned up. This car wasn't the only one to plough through against the flow of traffic, he was the only one I got to photograph.

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