Friday, 3 May 2013

Facebook are Sick and should be put down.

The world, so I am told can be divided into two groups. The first group, a large majority at 85% don’t have a Facebook account. The second group, a small minority at 15% do have a Facebook account. Until today I was a member of that minority group. Hardly a day would go by without me getting an email from Facebook asking if I knew, and or wanted to be friends with, so and so and so and so’s best friend and so and so’s first cousin and someone so and so’s divorced wife’s aunt who used to boast she once spoke to Stuart Hall.

But no more. I have deleted my Facebook account. Not because, if you worked really hard at it you could be friends with 15% of the worlds population. Not that I ever worked hard at being friends with even 1% of the people Facebook wanted to introduce me to.

The reason is the unbelievable reluctance on the part of Facebook to remove certain videos that had appeared on their site. Now Facebook cannot watch every video that is downloaded, there are just to many. But when a reader/visitor/friend of Facebook, not just one but many tell them that videos of women being beheaded is not suitable for a social networking site and they turn round and say, “Oh yes it is. I shows the real world.” Are they sick or something worse?

Well I want nothing more to do with someone this sick or stupid.

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