Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Straight From The Horse's Mouth

 Latest news regarding out road traffic delays at Fleet St and Livermead. It is expected that the direction buses will travel along Fleet St will change from up to down will happen on 22 May. This will mean buses coming from Castle Circus will no longer need to divert via Abbey Rd, Lucius St and Belgrave Rd but it will mean that buses from the Strand will have to divert Via Belgrave Rd and Lucius St. If the buses will then go down Union St to serve the stops in Abbey Rd is up to the bus operator but I expect they will.

The work currently being carried out in Fleet St is expected to be complete by the end of June so we can expect two way traffic in Fleet St on 1 July. Not bad when the original notices posted on the bus stops said 19 March.

The work to dump rocks in front of the sea wall at Livermead will take about 6 weeks and so the existing diversion via Wheatridge Lane will be in place until the end of May. The council are hoping that if it is deemed safe to open the road to two way traffic sooner then they will do so. The reason traffic lights aren’t being used at Livermead is it was felt that a necessary delay for pedestrians to cross the road would mean the delay to traffic would be too long. Buses will have to divert via Wheatridge Lane but that is better than the long trip round the Ring Road.


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