Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tips on how to properly hang wall paper

I have just spent the last two days hanging wallpaper in the back bed room. While I was away in Australia the roof sprang a leak and the paper on one wall got damaged. Also a section of the paper on the ceiling had to come down. Fortunately the plaster underneath the paper was only slightly damaged, bit of Polyfiller sorted that out.

Anyway, after two days of hard work the wall and ceiling now look almost as good as new. So I have decided to give anyone thinking of hanging any wall paper a few tips so you can end up with walls and ceiling looking like they were hung by a professional decorator.

First thing you need to do gather together the equipment you will need. Surprisingly you will almost certainly have two of the three things you need close to hand. So what you do is switch your computer on and open up your search engine of choice. Type in Painter and Decorator followed by your home town and press enter. Take you pick of 53 thousand results (that what I got for Torquay) and then use your phone, mobile or landline, makes no difference, to ring three of them and ask them to call round and give you a quote. Pick the best one and sit back and read a book or watch telly or listen to the wireless while someone else does the hard work. Then you will need the third piece of equipment I mentioned earlier, loads of money.

One other thing. During one of many rest periods I took today I listened to a program on the wireless. Two teachers of English were arguing about whether it was OK to split the infinitive. Not knowing what splitting the infinitive was I wondered if it was dangerous, like splitting the atom. I wondered how many times I have split the infinitive while writing these posts. And has anyone noticed?


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