Sunday, 9 June 2013

Don't wait at the bus stops in Abbey Rd

Don't wait at the bus stops near the Central Cinema in Abbey Rd, not if you want to catch a 12, 12A 31, 32 or 34. Finally, 19 days after the council said buses would stop coming up Fleet St it will happen on Monday 10 June. Actually this is 123 days since the council first indicated that buses would be back in Fleet St going both ways, but that was when the work first started. Roadworks anywhere and in particular in Torbay have a history of taking longer than planned so why don't the council put penalty clauses in their contact so when a contractor over runs by not weeks but months as has happened here we get some or even all the money back.

So where do you wait for your bus? You can either undertake the long uphill walk to the Casino at the top of Abbey Rd or walk down hill along Fleet St to Cary Parade for the 12, 12A, 31 or 34 or over to the Harbour for the 32. Please don’t blame Stagecoach for this inconvenience, write to your MP or the council instead. Stagecoach must have spent thousands, if not tens of thousands in extra fuel while this farce has been going on never mind the extra strain on their drivers and the poor passengers.

Word is, if the contractors haven’t finished the work by 30 June, this year, they will just walk away and leave everything as it is until the summer season is over. People will travel for miles just to marvel at how a simple job can end up being so screwed up.

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DG875 said...

If Buses are stopping at the Casino does this mean they are going up Abbey Road BUT just not stopping at the cinema?
or are they putting temporary stops on Tor Church Road? is this because they're reversing the flow in Fleet Street?
Doesn't make much sense at the moment