Friday, 28 June 2013

From The Herald Express

Here is a story from the local paper, just in case you missed it.

Last Thursday afternoon a number 12 heading to Newton departed Cary Parade stop. 10 metres up the road it stopped at a set of red traffic lights. Stagecoach encourage their drivers to stop at red traffic lights. While the bus was waiting a 'lady' approached the bus door hoping the nice bus driver would let her on the bus. The driver quiet rightly refused, you can not have people getting on buses at traffic lights, it's dangerous and if you let one on you would be expected to let everyone on. (Why not, do any with bus stops).

Anyway the female person, having watch protesters lying down in the road in front of riot police decided to try that trick with the bus and lay down in the road in front of the bus. Me; I would have sat there all day sooner than let her on the bus on the grounds that if she got away with this stupid behaviour then other might try the same trick.

But, as the Herald Express put it, in order to defuse the situation the driver opened the door and let her on the bus.

Full story here

Fleet Street should, correction will be open to buses both ways some time today, Friday 28 June.

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