Sunday, 23 June 2013

Torbay Half Marathon

Today (Sunday) for one day only there were buses in Fleet St going both ways. Hopefully, if everything goes to plan the buses will be back in Fleet St full time next Saturday. But not much has gone to plan with Fleet St this last 5 months. We will see.

But only because this lot were blocking the sea front and there was no other way of getting to the Harbour.

A coach also made its way up Fleet St despite notices saying buses and delivery vehicles only. Mind you who can blame the driver with half the town centre closed down while the half marathon was on.

The winning time was 1hr 5mins which works out at 12 mph, the last runner made it back in 5hrs 20 mins which is just under 2 and a half miles per hour.

One item of news about Torbay you might have missed in the excitement, Millions of quid are going to be spent doing up our 3 mainline train stations. Paignton, Torquay and Torre stations are to get a make-over. Work should start in September and be finished for late spring next year. Goody.

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