Friday, 1 November 2013

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night has come round again, it’s on Tuesday but there will be fireworks displays this weekend which is a pity because the weather is having another go at trying to flatten the UK. A deep depression is heading for Scotland pulling in wind from the Atlantic which means it’s going to be cold, wet and very windy from some time on Saturday afternoon for 48 hours. Fortunately the tradition of building bonfires seems to have died down a bit in recent years because high wind and big raging fires on street corners is not the best of combinations.

Phone hacking is in the news at the moment and with the trial set to last 6 months I have a feeling we will all be pig sick of hearing who hacked who’s phone and why and who knew the hacking was going on and who was having a love affair with whom. They, the lovers, must have never left messages on each other’s phones, probably because they knew how easy it was to have their private thoughts spread over the front page of a rival newspaper. The big question at the moment is why don’t they just plead guilty and save a lot of time and money. You get a reduced sentence if you plead guilty and we won’t have to listen to all the grubby details for the next 6 months.

Another story that caught some peoples eye was the tactics used by the Unite Union. I have been a member of 4 unions in my working life and been crapped on by all four of them so after the last lump a crap landed on my head I decided not to join another union again but I almost wish I was a Unite member so I could have the pleasure of showing my disgust by quitting.

And on a lighter note A former bank manager has claimed to have broken the blind water speed world record by travelling at more than 93mph.

The 52-year-old, from Manchester, sped across Torquay harbour in a Formula 1 powerboat.

If confirmed, it would mean Mike Newman holds the blind land and water speed records simultaneously.

I always thought there was a 4 mph speed limit in Torquay harbour.

But well done anyway, Mr Newman.
PS I got on Stagecoach Gold again at Victoria Park and tried to get connected. At the Grand the wifi was still looking for a I.P. Address so I gave up and switched off




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