Saturday, 21 January 2006

Why is this driver smiling

Four hours after I took this photo, Brian retired. He started driving a bus so long ago that Global Warming hadn't been discovered, mobile phones only appeared in Sci Fi and if you suggested that you would have your very own personal compurter, men in white coats would have turned up and gently lead you away.

He has probablely carried half a million passengers safely to their destinations and never said a nasty word about any of them, driven a million miles and never shouted rude words at all the mad, bad and just plain stupid car drivers he has encountered, put up with managerial wims created in an office some where so far removed from bus driving as to at times seem to be on an other planet.

And now he has left it all behind and is he glad? You can bet your cotten socks he's glad.

Best wishes to you Brian, enjoy!

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