Wednesday, 18 January 2006

More on Megariders

We have a SDC megarider ticket. It is for students at the New South Devon College, which finally became compleately open this week.(It should have been last Sept but there were problems with the roof). The ticket only costs £10.00 for a weeks travel on any stagecoach bus in Devon and is there to encourage the students to actually make the journey to college. Problem is, some of the students have been buying the SDC ticket for friends who are not students.This saves them £8.00 on the Goldrider Ticket. So now we have to ask those students who present a SDC ticket to show their college ID card. Which is a pain in the butt; as our American cousins would say.

Any way, today at the college one of the students waiting to get on noticed that I was asking to see the ID card. She mustn't of had one and she licked her finger and rubbed the ticket so that SDC didn't show and told me that it was a Paignton Megarider which she could use at the college. Problem was, now the ticket was defaced and I could not accept it any way. When I told her this she claimed it had come out of the ticket machine like that, oh right! it was still wet where she had rubbed it and I enjoyed pointing this out. She enjoyed telling me and everyone one the bus exactly what she thought of me and I think everyone except the sweet little old lady sitting half way down the bus enjoyed listening while she told me. Some of them may have even learnt a few new words before she stormed off into the distance.

If only driving a bus could be this enjoyable all the time.

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K21 said...

funny thing really, i have just come online to check the timetable for the 12A (have to go to an induction at SDC tomorrow) and i did a google search for the fare and ur page came up, as im on blogger too thought u may be able to help, coz the internet can't! i cant remeber how much my return up there was last time... about £2.80?? anyway i have just been offered a place but it is only for 3 days a week, so not worth getting the pass that was £250 but maybe this ticket ur talking about would be better? oh i dunno.. just thinking out loud.. interesting page u got really, nice to see familiar places etc. drop us a line sometime? krisi x