Saturday, 25 February 2006

Now this IS interesting.

BUS LANE PLAN FOR CONGESTED ROAD (from the Herald Express)

11:00 - 23 February 2006

Bus lanes could be incorporated into one of the Westcountry's most congested roads. Highway engineers are drawing up a scheme to speed up bus times along the Torquay to Newton Abbot main road - Stagecoach's busiest route, where buses are often caught in snarl-ups, causing commuters and schoolchildren to be late. Devon County Council has come up with a £125,000 project to incorporate short stretches of bus, taxi, HGV and cycle lanes at Kingskerswell, where highway engineers will unveil the proposals to a parish council meeting on Monday.

What ever you do; Don't Hold Your Breath.

What this streach of road needs is a bye pass, not

£125 000 wasting on it. The only way a bus lane would work is if it went from Scotts Bridge all the way to

Penn Inn on both sides of the road and there just isn't enough room for that and it would cost a lot more than £125 000.

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justajob said...

Well, Monday came and went but I can not find anything about this in the local paper. If anything turns up I will let you know.