Saturday, 25 March 2006

Road Ahead Closed

The Yellow notice in the photo tells of a road closing for a week in the middle of Paignton. Every bus that goes in to Paignton Bus Station goes along this road. Half the buses that come out of Paignton drive along this road. Most traffic going through Paignton use this road. The diversion instructions which are posted in the office are two pages long and uses the phrase "Use extreme caution, " several times. From Sunday it is going to be chaos. Buses will be running late, traffic will queue for miles and travel in the bay will grind to a holt.

Do I care. Not in the slightest Because from Sunday I will be on holiday for a few weeks. I will post while I am a way and do my best to bore every with my holiday photos and stories of endless beaches and cool beer in some pub overlooking some exotic ocean.

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