Sunday, 26 March 2006

OAP's Travel Free.

One thing I will miss while I am away on holiday is the introduction of free travel on the buses for the over sixties and disable. From 1 April those will the correct pass will be able to board the bus, show their pass and tell the driver where they are going. The driver will then issuse a ticket with this information on. Bit of a bind but the company and the council need to monitor the use of the free travel and it's cost so they can claim the money back from the Government who are partly funding this arrangment.

I say partly funding as so far the amount that the local councils are getting is about £100 000 less than they expect to need. This means that the Council Tax payers of Torbay will be helping to pay for the free travel. OK at the moment, at least we are funding are own old dears. But in two years time any one over 60 can get free travel any where not just in their own areas. That means that Torbay, which has lots of over sixties of it's own will have to fund the OAP's who come down on holiday from Scunthorpe, Walsaw and Rotheram to name but a few. I hope the government realise this and incress the funds. If they don't I hope we get at least a thank you note from the towns mentioned above.


The Captain said...

It's "ROTHERHAM" and since the towns you metioned probably support your areas entire economy then I think that the thank you should go the other way.

busing said...

Think of it like this: the more people who use buses in Torquay's honeypot, the more revenue to Stagecoach and the more likely Stagecoach will be to develop the bus service

justajob said...

Sorry Captain, spelling mistakes do creep in now and then and you are quiet right about the mentioned towns keeping us going down here. Thank you all.