Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Anzac Day

Anzac Day in Australia is a big day. A bit like Remembrance Sunday in the UK but it is an important public holiday and it is a celebration as well. I have been here on Anzac Day before but to day I went to Drummoyne Sailing Club to celebrate Anzac Day.

I excepted it to be a few drinks and conversation about the problems facing the world with reference to the relationship between the UK and Australia or at least between my British relatives and my Australian relatives. But we ended up in the TAB. There the only concern was which horse was going to win the next race. Gambling here in Oz is second only to sleeping. Even surf and the barbie come a long way behind having a bet. Not being a gambling man my job ended up as a mix between getting drunk and getting rid of the duff betting slips. Lots of duff betting slips. Lots of drinks. I'm not totally sure how we all got home but I know I did. Other wise I would not be posting now. A strange place Australia, but a very friendly place none the less.

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