Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Pacific Highway

The Pacific Highway comes down from Brisbane to Sydney. About 950 Km. On Sunday I drove most of that road. One of my sisters lives in Tweed Heads in Northern New South Wales and the other lives in Sydney ( where else?). While I was staying in Tweed my Sydney sister went up to O'Reilly's for the week end. So sooner then spend 2 miserable hours flying down to Sydney I volunteered to spend 10 hours driving the car down, providing we made it in one trip. All 845 km (530miles for those of you still in the 20th Century), it took 10 hours but was a very easy trip as most of it was done at night. About the only problem was when we got to the 400 km mark the only place we could find open for food was a Red Rooster. I have eaten better, I think. I have eaten in nicer surroundings, maybe?

The road gets more letters to the editor than any other subject but travelling in the dark was the best idea I have had on this trip. Nothing but us and big rigs (semis they are called here, we call them artics). Tuck in behind one of them doing 120 kph in a 100 kph and the Kilometres go like magic. Camera goes of and before it has reset the brakes are on and the speed is down to legal. Nothing but us, rigs and road kill.

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