Sunday, 30 April 2006

Back Home.

On Thursday afternoon at half one I left my sister's house in Sydney, seen off by my sister. brother in law, two nieces, a nephew in law and two second cousins. At 2 pm Friday I arrived home in Torquay. Add on the nine hours difference in Sydney time and Torquay, this means it took me 33 1/2 hours to travel 12 265 miles, half way round the world. Fairly slow compared with the 45 mins it took Yuri Gagarin to travel half way round the world but a big improvement on the two years it took Captain Cook to sail to the Great Southern Island and claim it for the Crown, provided no one had got there first of course. He over looked the fact that some one had got there before him by 50 000 years.

Sunday I started back at work, 5 weeks away. What changes would have occurred in 5 weeks. Well I was late getting out of the depot due to someone parking a bus in the exit and walking away. Then later on a warning light when on on the dash and being safe and not sorry, I had to transfer my passenger to the next bus. Then I had to change the bus. It turned out it was the switch and not the door. When I got to Paignton the bus wasn't ready. Nothing's changed.

Still it was only a short duty, 7 hours 1 min. Oh yes, forgot to mention, on Thursday afternoon, just sat down with a cup of coffee and the allocations officer rang and asked if I could work my rest day on Tuesday. Welcome back.


Snoop said...

Welcome back. I've enjoyed reading your posts from down under. I presume you won't be tucking in behind any lorries in the UK to trick the speed cameras!

Tube Dude said...

Glad to have you back home. Hope you had a nice holiday - did you meet my parents out there, they've just got back after 8 weeks. They also bumped into 'Liz and Phil.

justajob said...

Hi tube dude, I got drunk in Sydney on Anzac Day and bumped into lots of people so I could have bumped in to your parents; probably not Liz and Phil though.