Friday, 7 April 2006


Hi All

Sorry my postings have been a little low. I am in Tasmania at present. This means I have now been to all the states in Australia. Yes I know that the Northern Territories is not a state but it may as well be. Here it is cold with a wind coming from the South West, which means the last interesting place it came past was the South Pole. Where I am staying is 2 km from the nearest neighbour and 35 km from the nearest town, Burnie (pop 19 007, the 4th largest town in Tassie). The computer I am using has dial up which is very slow and I can not down load any photos. Hope to soon.

Only 3 weeks an 2 days before I will be back driving a bus, and I CAN wait.

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DistrictDriver said...

Sorry your blogging has been a little low?! I was amazed to see new additions while you are away!

Hope you're enjoying yourself, that's the main thing!