Tuesday, 4 April 2006

$2 Million for an old railway carriage

A few kilometres down the coast from Sydney there used to be some coal mining villages. The coal has long gone but the villages remain. With house prices in Sydney going almost into outer space and the traffic driving the car drivers mad these former rail way carriages recently sold for $2.1 million (that's 1 Million in pounds). Great view though.

One item in the papers that caught my eye is about a new law called WorkChoice. Now you can be sacked just because the boss dosen't like you. The first case was on the day the law became Law. 29 night workers earning $700 a week were fired and told the could have their jobs back at $560 a week, that is 20 of them could. What about the rest, the boss was asked. "Who cares?" Lets hope Tony tries this in the UK. If he did he would be the first to be sacked. Australia does have problems.

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