Monday, 8 May 2006

Cars on Bus Stops

This car was parked on the bus stop at Castle Circus, usually I don't bother about cars parking on bus stops. I just pull up next to them, unload, load and go. The reason I don't bother isn't that it doesn't piss me off. It does, but even if by careful, reasoned, well thought out and presented argument (or even the half brick in a sock type of argument) I manage to show the cretin driving this car that parking on bus stops is unlawful and does not help me in my job or old dears get on and of the bus in safety and comfort, there are still 27 million other cretins just waiting to park on a bus stop. (1) But yesterday I was a few seconds early and so decided to take a photo just for the hell of it.
Next second the car is driven off at speed. Maybe the driver thought I was going to send the picture to the police or maybe to the Herald Express and get them to spread his car on the bus stop all over the front page. He did shout some thing about only being there a few seconds and that I was a ...... and a ....... . Isn't life wonderful.

(1) There are 27 million and 9 moterists in this country, so you must be one of the 9 who aren't queing up to park on the bus stop.

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Snoop said...

I presume you didn't send it to the local paper or traffic wardens, but even so he's unlikely to do it again, so you'll have had some effect. Congrats.