Saturday, 6 May 2006

Torquay Saved at Last Moment

A big day to day for our local football team, Torquay United. All season through they have been in the relegation zone. And this wasn't just any relegation zone. If they went down they were out of the Football League. We were in a similar position last year, when Torquay were in Division One. On the last day of the season Torquay needed a draw to stay up. Even if they didn't draw if any of three other teams lost then Torquay would not be for the drop. Well last year all the results went against Torquay and the dropped down into Division Two. This year as I have said the spent all season down in the bottom 4. Then a few weeks ago a new manager and a new attitude. Last week end they went to Carlisle who were top and beat them. All they needed to day was a draw, a win would have been nicer but loosing would have only sent them down if Oxford won and three other teams also won or drew. With odds like that in their favour what do up expect.

Sorry, they did manage a draw so the are still in the Football League. Twenty out of 24 in Division Two, 86th out of 90 in the Football League.

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