Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Change to Summer Duties

Today is Tuesday and on Sunday we change to Summer time tables. On the 12/12A we get extra time in order to pick up all the holiday makers who flood down to the Bay every year. One problem is the new rotas. What will they be like? Will you end up in Newton Abbot at 15:20 and miss the school run or will you get there 15 mins later and pull away with 75 school children on the bus. Will you have duties that have a first half of 1 and a half hours and a second half of 5 hours 20 mins as happened one year. Or worse still, I am on a middle rota and one year there were 5 earlies and 9 lates and 3 Torquay Local duties included. I hate local duties. There is a local duty in Paignton that does 16 Foxholes and nothing else. On the 12 rota I generally do a round trip, have a break and then 1 and a half round trips and finish.

The second problem is they start on Sunday, that's 5 days away and still the new duties haven't been posted. I just don't know what I am doing next week. This happens every year so I am used to it by now but the company know we are going on the summer running months in advance and we still don't get the rotas until the last minute.

The picture above I took while I was in Byron Bay which is the most Easterly place in Australia. At my sisters suggestion I sent it to the local paper, the Gold Coast Bulletin. They are considering it for publication. What's to consider, it's a great picture.

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