Thursday, 4 May 2006

A Couple of disappointments

A Couple of disappointments at work yesterday. I worked a rest day. Not an unusual occurrence in the bus industry. A few drivers have left recently and a few are of sick and a few on holiday and duties would not be covered unless some body volunteered to work their rest days. True we get paid extra as does the tax man and passengers don't have to stand at bus stops wondering if their bus is going to turn up (sic) so every one wins. I drove a 200 service which is the Open Top Bus. It operates all year round, the weather is so good down here in the Bay we can. That wasn't one of the disappointments but it did lead to the first.

As you can see in my photo, I have captured a shot of mist coming in of the sea and covering the north end of the bay. I missed a much better shot than this. The 200 comes down Penwill Way which is high up over Paignton and has a good view of this end of the Bay. As I came round the corner I had a birds eye view of the mist creeping over Torquay. The view only lasted a couple of seconds and then was gone, hidden behind the houses. No where to pull in and take what would have been the star shot in BBC Devons Photo Gallery.

Two hours later when I went round again the mist had mostly gone and the photo had gone with it. Shame.

The other disappointment came when I finished. Retirement for me is still two and a half years away, longer if I have any thing to do with it. I have a few hobbies, taking photos, going to the pub (on my days of I should add) and blogging about bus driving. Oh yes, and bus driving. If I retire there will only be going to the pub and taking photos. I'll soon get bored with 2000 shots of the inside of the pub.

Now a couple of years ago the government promised a bill that would make it illegal to discriminate against some just because they had reached retirement age. I found out yesterday that the wording had changed slight and the bill had had it's balls cut of. It now reads that it is illegal to discriminate just because of age.(1) Unless you are over retirement age then you can be fired without mercy.

(1) Lawyers must be rubbing their bank balances with unadulterated joy(2) because:-

Q) How in God's name do you prove something like that in a court of Law?

A) Hire better, ie more expensive lawyers than the other side.

(2) Lawyers must have framed this law.

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