Monday, 15 May 2006

Fleet Walk Claims Another Victim!

On Friday there was a collision between a bus and a pedestrian. Fleet Walk is as you can see a pedestrianised street in the centre of Torquay. It's very nice to walk down Fleet Walk with the shops and plenty of room to spread out. Problem is about 35 buses an hour drive up and down Fleet Walk during the day. Us locals know this and watch out for buses which have a company rule that they must drive at less than 10 mph. They must also drive with their headlights on which I think doesn't make a blind bit of difference. If you can't see an 8 foot wide 14 foot high bus then having it headlights on isn't going to help. Also we are not allowed to sound our horns except in an emergency. We can not give a little toot just to warn people we are there. That makes sense, there would be horns going off all day. So people have to watch out for us. Locals do, they know we are there but Holiday makers don't and there is nothing in Fleet Walk to warn them that there could be a bus two feet away from them.

Every one but the council say why isn't there a bus lane marked out so people walking down the Walk can see at their feet the words "Bus Lane." Or even "Dirty Great Buses Drive Down Here, Probably Running Late, So Watch Out."

The gentleman involved in the accident wasn't badly hurt and went home after a check up at the local hospital. I have no information on the state of the bus, or driver. The last time there was an incident involving a bus and pedestrian was over four years ago.

Click here for the Herald Express write up.

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