Monday, 15 May 2006


I work every other Sunday. I usually don't mind working Sunday except for the fact that I have to start at about 08:00. I don't normally get out of bed before 08:15 so I am not in the best of moods when I get to work. I usually perk up once I am out driving but to day was different. My mood went down hill steadily. This Sunday some one decided to do some road works in Higher Union Street. So we had a diversion; two bus stops weren't going to see a bus all day. So, using experience to guide me when I got to work I asked if the bus stops had been posted so some poor sod wouldn't spend most of the day waiting for a bus. Given past experience I know people have waited over an hour at bus stops that should have been posted. They just though the bus was a little late.

Before I had finished the question I was assured that the stops HAD been posted. A little later in the day I heard on the radio that one of them hadn't. 50% success rate.

Anyway, out onto the Bus Park to get my bus.

Not a lot of room here, we could do with a bigger bus park.

The first 12 into Paignton is still arriving 2 mins after the first 12A has left(12A's Run every hour on a Sunday) and still nothing has been done about it. I have been moaning to management since September about this. Still new rotas out at the end of the month; maybe it will change, I live in hope.

Still no drinking water in Paignton Canteen. I used to make my own coffee until I found out the water in the kettle came from a tank in the roof. I was off ill for 3 days, which was how I found out. So lunch time coffee out of the machine.

Coffee machine was Out of Order so round the corner to the coffee Shop in Dartmouth Road. £1.10 for what turned out to be totally undrinkable dark coloured water. I ended up with a Pepsi.

Rather glad when the shift ended.

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Anonymous said...

Valid point about the water. I make it a point whenever staying in B&Bs, hotels etc to only using bottled water. Reason - I did a short plumbing course on leaving the navy. The instructor told us about removing dead pigeons, etc from the cold water tanks in the lofts of hotels. The cold water in the bedrooms came from these tanks.