Thursday, 22 June 2006

Best and Worst Buildings in Torquay. Part 2

I have not completely made up my mind about this building in Torquay. Is it the best? Remember the Worst by far is at the top of Abbey Road; the Central Methodist Church. Well come down Abbey Road and at the bottom continue a few metres into Fleet Street and judge for your self. A sunny out look, a fair sized room that isn't overpowering, it's only a few steps to the bar from the door with plenty of seats, children are not allowed (apart from one famous occasion), there is a slight problem with the toilets which are up some stairs, but that does leave more room downstairs for drinking, there is good food served and usually there is no TV. There is one at the moment but it is the World Cup after all. (Well done Oz, by the way.) Definitely a contender for best building in Torquay.


Sarah said...

From looking at the images of england website (never having been to torquay)

Portland Terrace
Torre Abbey
Several terraces including
Lisburne Crescent
Clifton Terrace

I was hoping to see some modernist buildings on the site, but perhaps newer buildings don't get listed in the south...

Anonymous said...

The church looks like a big climbing frame have any kids ever tried to climb it? go the aussie socceroos!!