Thursday, 22 June 2006

Michelanglo and My Dining Room Floor.

I'm on holiday at the moment, yes I know, I've just come back from 5 weeks in Australia but the holiday rotas where recently changed and this year, 2006, I have 8 weeks holiday but next year I will only get 4 weeks. Not fair is it. Anyway some decorating that was planed for 2002 finally had to be done. The floor in the dining room needed painting. Should be easy, lying down on the job. I have just finished and I can tell you two things.

One, I have increased my respect for Michelangelo 100 fold. 50 years ago, on a school trip to Rome we went to see the Sistine Chapel. It was a few days before Easter and the place was mega crowded and we went through at about 10 mph just so the people who wanted to see the ceiling could all fit in. Since then I have read a little about the painting and how long it took and the few hours I spent on my knees painting the dining room floor work out at about 0.0001% of the time Michelangelo spent on his back painting the end of the world and I am exhausted. I have a feeling he preferred working on David.

Two, The next time I paint any floor the sun will have turned into a raging giant star, will have blown it's self and all the planets to atoms, the universe will have expanded for trillions and trillions of years and the lights of what ever suns are still in existence will have failed. At this point Einstein equation e=mc2 will stop working and all the energy that is still hanging about will rush to a single point and go "BANG". A new Universe will come into existence (1)and 12 billion six thousand and ten years(2) later I will paint the floor again. God help me!

Foot Notes
(1) Well that's my theory about the universe, just keeps repeating it's self for ever and ever, probably never had a beginning in the first place. Make your own up if want but you have to have some thing to think about when you are stuck behind vans in Abbey Road.
(2) Bishop Ussher worked out the world had been created in the year 4004 BC.

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