Friday, 16 June 2006

Broken down and Phoning for Help

Broken down and Phoning for Help or Just Phoning?

When I took this picture the driver had his hazard lights on because he was broken down in a dangerous place and was on the phone trying to arrange for some breakdown firm to come and give him assistance.

Or he had his hazard lights on and was just making a phone call. In a dangerous place.

My guess is the latter as two mins later he went past me at the next bus stop. Not what the department of Transport really ment when they brought in the law making drivers pull over before answering the phone.


Greg said...

Ahhh hazard lights, giving people the right to break laws since 1939

Captain said...

Hazzard lights should be renamed to reflect there proper usage.

From now on they'll be "Just poping in this shop" lights or (as you illustrate) "on the phone" lights!