Saturday, 17 June 2006

Van in the Way.

Happens from time to time, no way to get past. One passenger wanted to know why I didn't go on the pavement but that isn't an option. The curb is quite high and with the nearside of the bus up on the pavement it would be leaning towards the van and may even hit it. Also on the pavement there are two inspection covers for water mains. My name, and the street and the underside of the bus would be mud if I drove an 11 tonne bus over a water main and it burst. Those bay windows also stick out and might hit the top windows on the bus and While I am not sure how much they cost, it would not look good in the deductions column of my wage slip.

Any way the delivery driver was going as fast as he could. When I got to the Castle Circus stop I checked how late we were given that I had left the Cary Parade on time. Three mins. It did seem like a lot longer waiting for the van to go but it always does. Some thing to do with Einstien and his relatives I beleive. One lady passengers, didn't see it like that and as she was getting off remarked nastily, " I might just make my dentist appointment. Thanks a lot."

I like happy endings.


FirstBusDriverFalmouth said...

If the silly woman was afraid she would miss her dentist appointment because you arrived three minutes late she should have caught an earlier bus. People like this deserve to miss appointments if they time their travel arrangements to within a second. This is england not Japan.

Al said...

That's exactly what I was going to say.

DistrictDriver said...

You did exactly the right thing, David! I remember being in a similar position many years ago. I checked what was on either side and decided to go for it (I was still new and stupid!).
Unfortunately when I got back to the depot to cash in, two police officers were waiting for me and gave me a lecture (and a warning) about driving on footpaths.

Needless to say I never risked that again!

Snoop said...

As the silly woman sat in the dentist's waiting room, doubtless time did that funny trick it has of seeming to crawl while simultaneously going much quicker than you'd really like it to. Amazing stuff time. Money's pretty much the same: never seems to come in at the rate it goes out!

Excellent post, by the way.