Monday, 26 June 2006

Hard Luck and Well Done Australia

I got home this evening just as the game ended and was so disppionted to hear that the Soccerroes had been beaten by a last minute penalty. What desperately bad luck.

But to have reached the final 16 on their second visit to the final stages of the world cup is a great achievement and Australia should be proud of their team. I am looking forward to 2010 and hope they do even better next time.


Charrua said...

Great job done by the Socceros

It's a shame the spanish referee Cantalejo invented a penalty in the last minute... Because it was inveted...

And guess what tomorrow the referee in the spanish match is italian

But don't think about 2010

SaneScientist said...

I was really impressed with the Socceroos attitude in their previous matches and was hoping to see them do well. Nevermind, the referees in this tournament appear to be using a slightly different manual to the one we've got.

Anonymous said...

Aussie says; at least you guys got to watch the socceroos during the day. think how tired millions of aussies were today because they were up all night watching.We are still proud!!!