Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Is this mean or what?

As you will know we have just put our fares up. Also I have discovered over the last few days a couple of tickets have been discontinued. One is the South Devon College weekly megarider which we sold for £10.00. It turns out that this ticket was introduced in September when the College moved to the wilderness out on Paignton Industrial Estate as a three month special offer; the three months was extended to a ten month special offer and now it has gone.

The other ticket to go is the dog return. It used to be sold for 50p. Now all that is available is a dog single for 50p. This means that if some little old lady wants to take her dog for a day out some where she will travel for free but it will cost £1.00 for the dog. We don't sell that many dog tickets, probably one or two a month so the income from only selling dog singles will double to about £8400 per year. Sounds a lot and it is if it dropped through your letter box one day but compared with the company's turn over of £25 million per year; well I ask you?


Sub-Comandante Vroome Fondol said...

You charge for dogs? How much for taking my Golf-fish for a ride!!!

Anonymous said...

we at first group in north somerset dont charge for dogs... just shows first are the up and coming bus operate of the world

Tube Dude said...

Sounds like your al "Barking", maybe you should do doggie "Rover" tickets..