Friday, 14 July 2006

Aller Police Check

This photo was taken at Aller on the road between Newton and Torquay. The police were doing a vehicle check. What they do is sit up the road in a van equipped with a high resolution camera. It can read tax discs and even see if the driver is wearing a seat belt. An out of date tax disc or any thing else the camera doesn't like and the car is flagged into the lay by. This is good. Most people who are driving round without tax usually are doing so because their car either, or both, has no MOT or insurance. So spot checks like this help to keep uninsured drivers off the road and unsafe cars also off the road. Well done Devon and Cornwall Police.

The slight draw back is that because of this activity by the police, maybe 12 or 15 officers and 4 or 5 cars attracts attention and every one driving past slows down to see what is going on. PLEASE DON'T. There isn't much going on. Just look at the photo. Not desperately interesting is it. One police officer in a yellow jacket talking to a motorist, who may or may not have done some thing wrong. No bears dancing, no girls dancing, no bare girls dancing even. Please don't slow down and hold every one up.

P.S. To Devon and Cornwall police. Could you now and then do a spot check of vehicles driving up and down Fleet Street in Torquay and Through the Bus Station in Newton Abbot. One day a week ago in Newton Abbot I watched 8 cars drive past the sign saying no vehicle except buses and cycles. And this was in 5 mins. Total disregard of the Law.


Captain said...

Bus lanes and gates are completly ignorred in Sheffield. No one enforces and no one cares. Did you see the pic I posted on my blog?

justajob said...

I saw the pic; same the world over. No one cares including a collegue at the garage where I work. From the depot to bus 3 min walk, module in and away, two more mins. Total 5 mins. He did it in 21 mins which probably isn't any where near a world record but when you are trying to get home it just seems like one.