Saturday, 15 July 2006

Ants and Seagulls.

Thursday afternoon, millions of flying ants hatched. It must be some thing to do with it being summer and the moon is new and the all just feel like being born on the same day. A bit like race horses. Any way the seagulls love them. No, no I don't mean they go all gugie eyed and write them little love poems and shelter them under their wings and engage in some kind of weird inter species sex. What I do mean is they go round and eat as many of the little sods as they possibly can. When I went past Victoria Park in Paignton on Thursday evening there must have been a thousand seagull trolling through the grass after the ants. On the down side, from the seagulls point of view is that while they are so busy eating as much as they can they forget the Green Cross Code and the remains of 4 or 5 seagulls are spread out in the road in various parts of the bay. Poor sods.

Oh yes, what else? Not much really; very busy on the road; lots of English Language Students about town; beach crowded; South Devon College closed but we still go down there and pick no one up. That's it.


Anonymous said...

Aussie says ... Ahh a new photo much nicer than the one at the bus stop!!! I think Australia is far behind England in Doctor Who edisodes.

justajob said...

Hi Aussie, Yes, I believe you have just seen the Christmas Special. We on the other hand now have to wait until next year for an more of the Doctor. The last episode was dead sad at the end.