Saturday, 22 July 2006

Bus Stops Are So Tempting.

There you are driving round the town centre. All you need is some where to pull in for a moment to drop the wife off. Well actually she wants to nip in the shop and do a little last minute shopping or dash over to the cash machine and drain your bank account of every last penny or you said you would pick her up but you're 20 minutes early and a quick pint would go down well. There's no where to park and you're buggered if you are going in a car park; expensive places. Oh look. That bus stop is empty. No one will mind if I slip on there for a little while.

Well bus stops do spend some of their time empty. No point in having a bus if you don't drive it along the road and pick up a few passengers now and then. The Bank Manager and the Traffic Commission would get a bit upset if you didn't. Not to mention thousands of passengers. So all the buses have gone but there are always more buses about to turn up and they need that space. In this case it's the Land Train, the loco and 3 carriages. Bit bigger that a bus and definitely bigger that the Chelsea chariot parked illegally here on the Harbour. Click on the photo and you can see he is not a happy bunny. You can also read his number plate and if you know him you can ask him what the train driver said to him. Could be interesting.

Please go away, you are blocking up the town.


scaffolder said...

Just got the go ahead for Newton Abbot car park scaffold.
We will be erecting scaffold from Thursday onwards on the car park side,
Im sure it will be fun and try to take some pictures of one of our isca scaffold signs ( free advert) or lorrys parked in the bus stops .
See you there....

Anonymous said...

that's a lovely Art Deco building behind the clock tower -what and where is it ? There's another nice one to the left as well.

enjoy your blog reading from N. Yorkshire - Paul

justajob said...

It is the Queen's Hotel on the Harbour in Torquay. It is closed at the moment but there are plans to do it up. Go to 'Photos from Torquay@ link on the side for the full picture.

Paul said...

thanks David - a lovely building nonetheless - so presumably the council would rather it was pulled down than utilised as holiday flats - sounds about typical that !