Sunday, 23 July 2006

Clackson, again.

Sunday lunch time at work. The rest room was empty except for me. No other drivers I could bore to the point of making the idea of returning to work a very attractive proposition. But there was an old newspaper. Yesterday's Mirror, even turning the pages would be better than starring at the walls. Guess who writes in the Mirror on a Saturday. Mr I Hate All Bus Drivers Clackson. And what was he talking about to day. Bird Flu. Or rather the lack of it. Actually he was quite right in what he said. Remember a few months ago we were all going to start growing feathers and die. Or some thing like that. So when did you last read some thing in the press about bird flu?

Gone said Jeremy; just like the sound of the V2 rockets cutting out just before they crashed with a very large bang. If you are going to use similies Jerry dear, get them right. You're paid enough to get them right. It was the jet engine on the V1 Ram Jets that cut out and then you knew it was going to crash will the loud noise. No one heard a V2 until they made the big bang as they crashed, traveling faster than sound had some thing to do with it. Something I expect you would like to try; please try it on the strawberry Bends going into Brixham and let us all know when. Should be fun.

And have you considered that this silence may be because Government Scientists have discovered that we are all going to die of Bird Flu this winter and are keeping it quiet so as not to cause a panic?
No; have heck.

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