Saturday, 1 July 2006

Mind Reader!

In an informal poll of some of my passengers it has been decided that I, like all other bus drivers am a mind reader. You would think with this ability I would be appearing on TV or making a living sealing credit cards and mind reading the owners for their PIN number instead of driving a bus. But I'm not, so maybe I am not a mind reader after all.

Why do I think my passengers belive I am a mind reader? Two reasons. So many of then seem to just stand at or some where near a bus stop and expect me to know they want the bus even though they show not the slightest interest as I approach never mind sticking their hand out. As I drive past they decide that I am not a mind reader but a bastard or a ****. Or a ****, or a ******, or an **** ****. I'll leave you to fill in the missing words if you want but none of them are nice. The second reason is, despite the bus being equipped with at least 15 bell pushes all of which are tested every day when the first driver checks the bus out for defects, so many passengers are disinclined to push them. They seem to feel that my mind reading ability is so good they have no need to disturb me by ringing the bell and they only discover this ability is sadly lacking in me as I sweep majestically past their stop at a stately 29.9 mph. (see a previous post)

If you travel by bus please don't trust the drivers none existent mind reading skills, stick your hand out to get on and ring the bell to get off.

PS Hope England win.

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