Thursday, 6 July 2006

Not much happening. Just a battle for the World

Summer has arrived and it is hot and sticky driving a bus and all, well some, passengers get on and state, as John Cleese would put it; the bleeding obvious."It's too nice to be working." A snowstorm that would be regarded as unusual in Spitsbergan could be raging, it could be so cold the sea in the Bay had frozen, the next ice age could be just round the corner, the water pipes could have burst with such fury that all the windows had been blown out and it would still be too nice to be working.

Still we have the big final conflict to look forward to at the week end. I still haven't decided Who will win. When I knew who would be there I decided at once who was going to win. No contest! But having thought a little bit and talked to people and been on the internet and read what the pundits are thinking I am not so sure. One side have strengths that have not been see previously and the other side did appear to come back from the dead.( More than once). And that takes some doing. One side are very well drilled and when you see them you know the mean business while some seeing the othe side for the first time might even be inclinded to have a quiet giggle until informed that they too are serious contenders for the world.

It could depend on the referee Who ever that is.

We will just have to wait till the weekend to see Who comes out on top.

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