Thursday, 6 July 2006

Tall Ships Race.

Monday sees the start from Torbay of the Tall Ships Race to Lisborn. This race was started in 1956 as a way of having a sailing ship race before all the ships ended up in the breakers yard. I am glad to say most of them have avoided that fate so far and about 70 Tall Ships will take part.

This is the 50th anaversery of that race and quiet a lot of the original racers are back in the bay for an other shot at winning. The most well know ship is The Mir from Russia and there will be ships from all over the world. I hope to get a few shots of the ships over the weekend. Phil the Greek will be here to start the race on Monday, Phil is not noted for his liking of people not from dear old England so maybe he will get in a few shots as well. Could be interesting. Still if he wants a ride on my bus he is more than welcome, so long as he has the correct money ready of course.

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