Friday, 18 August 2006

Boy; did it rain.

Friday morning and I was woken up twice in the night by heavy rain and thunder and light show. Then an early start 07:17. I don't usually start till gone ten so 07:17 is early. Very quiet morning, even got down onto the Harbour in Torquay with a few minutes to spare, a nice change after the non stop chaos of the last few weeks. Even had chance to get of the bus and have a stretch. On time for my meal break in Paignton, 45 minutes, longer than usual. Every thing going well. After lunch, while I was waiting for my bus to arrive the queue for Torquay was getting quiet long (40) and my bus was a few minutes late and I was watching this queue get longer when a bus arrived. Not mine. Some other poor sod would have to pick this lot up. Getting even better.

Then at 12 35 it started raining. Well the heavens opened and cats and dogs bucketed down. For about 15 minutes. By this time Torbay had flooded. Manhole covers were forced up by the water rushing down the drains and every where you looked was water and broken down cars and traffic, traffic, traffic. An hour later I should have been in Newton but I was only in the Newton Road where I managed to get the above shot. At one stage 45 minutes late and no chance of catching up. Global warming has a lot to answer for. Sorry if you were stood in the rain waiting for a bus.


caramaena said...

Hi, I just found your blog a few days ago, very interesting reading :)

If you'd like to send some of that rain over to Australia, we'd welcome it!

justajob said...

Hi caramaena
I would have brought 20 litres of rain with me next time I come to Australia but I din't think they wouldlet me on the plane with it any more. Sorry. Been to Brisbane, but only for a day out up from Tweed Heads it looked very nice.

Dogbait said...

Another Aussie here who enjoys your blog. I'm with caramaena there and we needs lots of your rain if you ever get tired of it.

justajob said...

Sorry to be greedy but you can't have any off our rain as this is the first time it has rained here for a couple of months.