Saturday, 19 August 2006

Fleet Street and Cars

This is Fleet Street in Torquay. It can be a bit confusing walking in Fleet Street for a couple of reasons. First it is called Fleet Street but most people call it Fleet Walk. Fleet Walk is actually the walkway at first floor level you may be able to see above the flowers on the left. People call it Fleet Walk because it is a Pedestrian Zone (see insert) but as you can see from the car in the picture and the bus behind there are some vehicles allowed to drive along Fleet Street. Which is the second reason you may get confused walking in Fleet Walk as 14 foot high buses drive past you at 5 or 6 miles per hour.

As you can see from the sign in the insert the only vehicles that should be here are local buses. Now the red thing is not a bus. There are no destination blinds on it for one thing and it is lacking in size for an other. Both dead give aways. Now I have been driving up and down Fleet Street for over 8 years and have never ever seen anybody stopped by the police for ignoring the road sign. Perhaps the driver is a stranger, our local registration plate starts with a W; this one starts with a K. But I am sure that the sign is the same one that is used nation wide. Unless we here in the Bay have our own signs for some reason.

PS If you want the full registration of the vehicle you only have to prove you are entitled to it and you can have it with pleasure constable.


helen said...

Why can't they close the street/walk and make the buses take a detour? Then it really would be a walk. At least there are no parking meters. Our council has just voted to put in parking meters. There was such an uproar at the council meeting that the mayor decided to evict people.So much for the right to free speech!!!!

Captain said...

We have many bus gates and lane in Sheffield. All are ignorred by car/van drivers. Nobody stops them, nobody seems to care. A national problem I think.

Paul said...

Due to the local geography of the valley its impossible for the buses take a detour.
Have put link to this page on Fleet Street Torquay on the geograph site at