Sunday, 3 September 2006

Rain in the Morning

A bit of good news first. This driver parked his car on the bus stop on the Strand. A few minutes later a parking attendant parked a ticket on his windscreen. £30.00 fine; nice.

As you can see the sun is shining and it is a bright day. When I went to work at 7:45 it was raining and windy and I was thinking to myself, 'a nice quiet day, all the holidaymakers who are still here will stay in.' No such luck, by 9:30 the rain had headed east and the sun as you can see was doing its best to bring every one out.

Still had a quiet day. Never had to rush anywhere. Plenty of stand time at the terminus, waited a minute or two at timing points along the way. No hassle any where. I was quiet supprised when I cashed in to realize that I had taken more cash and carried more people than I had for the last 6 Sundays I have worked. With so many people using the bus why had it seemed so quiet? Well the main reason was the amount of traffic on the roads Almost none. Seems all the car drivers were copying our friend in the white four wheel drive pictured above and had parked up some where (legally) and left the roads empty for us nice bus drivers. Thank you car drivers; could you do it more often please.

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Ollie said...

I was just the 35000th hit!! Keep blogging.