Saturday, 2 September 2006

September at Last

September at last. The summer season down here lasts from May till some time about the end of October. We still get nice fine sunny days even into November. But the real hard work is July and August when the children are on holiday. Well now it is the start of September and the kids will be looking forward, bright eyed and bushy tailed, to going back to school some time next week and we bus drivers are all looking forward to taking them back to school, and home again in the afternoon, bless them.

Seriously though, it will be nice to slow down a little after the franticness of the summer. Some afternoons around going back to hotel time you would come down Fleet Walk on to the Strand and see the crowds waiting for your bus. The first thought that crossed you mind would be," They wont all get on this bus". But some how they did. And even as you pulled away more people would be coming up to catch the next bus that was appearing out of Fleet Walk.

Now for the next few weeks we get the elderly, who come down in September and still get the decent weather but without the crowds. Mind you they can still be a little intimidating to see 50 determined pensioners waiting at the bottom of Belgrave Road on their way out for a day in Brixham. But the change in tempo is nice. We will have chance to get off the bus in Brixham and Newton and have a couple of mins away from the bus and enjoy a few deep lung fulls of beautiful Devon air, something you rarely get the chance to do in the summer.


Pilgrim Dan said...

I'm most disappointed Dave; I spent today in Torbay hopping on and off the 12s with my Dayrider and didn't get on your bus once :(
Day off?

Richard Quick said...

Hi David,

Read about your blog in the paper so I thought I'd check it out - looks good.

Captain said...

Ours is the opposite way around, being inland everyone leaves for the coast or abroad in summer leaving us with little to do but plod around empty. Now summer is over student will return as will the regular commuters. It's back to work for us.

justajob said...

Sorry Pilgrim Dan, it was a day of; and it's the first Saturday I have had off since Adam was a boy. Sorry I missed you.