Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Oh My God

I have just looked at what time I am out tomorrow. 06:25. I'll never make it. I'll have to be up at 05: 45 and it must be 5 years since I have been up that early. Two alarm clocks by the bed might just wake me up. But will I stay awake? Big question. Still, the rotas are going to change again in January and I only do this duty once every 3 weeks and I am on holiday in November when I will be going somewhere warm. So with any luck I will only have to do this duty twice more.


Jon said...

6:25 is my yard time. I'm out at 6:40. I'm lucky to get a day run that starts so late. If I was serious about days, I'd start at 5:00. I've just started doing this after several years of nights. I have mixed feelings about seeing the sunrise.
I believe I'm nine hours behind you, so you'll be starting work about the time I go to bed at night. Have a safe morning.

David said...

Hi Jon, My rota is middles but the computer made a right mess of all the rotas this time around and they are being redone. Only 14% of my duties are actually middles the rest are lates or early. Hopefully that will be fixed by January, that's 3 months to wait.
I did manage to stay awake all day. And safe as the next post shows.