Friday, 7 August 2009

Cannibalism In Torquay.

Torquay has made the front page of the BBC news website again. And as usual not for nice reasons. It would appear cannibalism has been practiced here. Now I know times are hard but isn’t this going a little over the top?

A bone, part of a human adult’s arm, was found in the Wellswood area of Torquay and it was recently shown to an expert from Oxford University who concluded that a cut in the bone was made shortly after the death of the individual . He says the cut would appear to suggest that flesh was cut away from the bone and the only reason for that would be to eat said flesh.

Horrifying isn’t it, on the English Riviera? Will we ever live it down?

Alright, people today aren’t eating their neighbours, or worse still the odd holiday maker, at least I don’t think so. The bone was originally found in in the 19th Century in Kent’s Cavern and has since been in a cupboard in the museum here in Torquay. The curator was rummaging around in the cupboard one day and noticed the cut. He sent the bone to Oxford University and they came up with the cannibalism theory.

The owner of the bone lived 9000 years ago when Kent’s Cavern was the only 5 star hotel accommodation in the area.

Kent's Cavern

So if you fancy coming to Torquay for a holiday don’t expect to find barbecues on the beach with unusual tasting meat on offer, sorry.

You could always try MacDonnald's I suppose.


Ex DG said...

I've always called the Museum "Torquay's black hole" things go in there and never see the light of day again. Does this mean I have to find a new nickname for it.?

David said...

Most museums have more items in cupboards in the celler than on disply so in that respect they are all Black Holes.