Tuesday, 11 August 2009


I was in Teignmouth on Sunday morning taking some of the hotel guests on a short half day tour up the coast before they returned home in the afternoon. The weather was glorious which made a change and the RNLI were giving a demonstration of their life saving skills. This shot was the most dramatic, transferring someone from a helicopter to the life boat. This life boat is Number 17-28 which is the Torbay Life Boat stationed at Brixham and has recently featured on a BBC show call Sea Rescue. This program highlights the job the RNLI do around our coast rescuing people in difficulty at sea. If you do see someone who looks like they do have a problem dial 999. Most people think you have to ask for Fire Police or Ambulance but depending where you are you can also ask for Mountain Rescue (don't try this in Norfolk) and Pothole Rescue and on the coast you can ask for the Coast Guard. Hundreds of volunteers are waiting to rush out and rescue someone but it does cost a lot of money, £100 million according to the commentator at Sunday's show so if you see a RNLI donation box in the shop or pub drop fifty pence or two quid or what ever in it and you will be helping these willing volunteers to save someones life. If you are daft enough to go in or onto the sea it could even be yours.

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