Thursday, 27 August 2009

Gormley's Gone

This is what The Spanish Barn looks like today, locked and uninviting. Probably empty.

All these little chaps have gone, stored somewhere in Yorkshire next to a nuclear fuel dump for all I know. The Herald Express said 38 307 people went to see them. Sorry it was only 38 303 people. I went 5 times, mostly because I hoped to get down there one day when there was no one from the Arts Council hanging around to make sure I didn't take a photo. This reluctance to allow visitors to take photos baffles me. I mean I got this photo from the WWW with no trouble. Problem it isn't the photo I would have taken. I would have a photo I took unique to me and would show the exhibition as I saw it which would have been so much better than this mass produced effort by some one who just pointed the camera and clicked.

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