Thursday, 27 August 2009

Consultation requires at least two people to be present.

There I was, walking along the sea front on my way to take part in the week long, in depth, searching for answers consultation arranged by Torbay Council and this green bus swept by. It said FirstBus on the front and 80th Anniversary on the side.
I have been on FirstBus South West's web site but they don't seem to know anything about this green thing.
Anyway onto the consultation re the new road lay out in front of Rock Walk. It was to be held in Breezes, the bar/restaurant of the Princess Theatre and I had been looking forward to having my say and sitting down and discussing at high level and in depth a couple or three points with senior officials from the Highways Department. Maybe even Nick Bye, the Mayor would be there showing interest in my views and ideas. Maybe it would lead to a part time post with the council as consultant re bus travel on Torbay's roads

Anyway this was it. Isn't it magnificent?


Adam said...

Just hidden by that metal barrier are the words "Western National" who precluded First in the Plymouth area.
This year it has been 80 years since the creation of the company.

Ex DG said...

Agree with Adam, it will probably be on display on 6th Sept at Shedden Hill car park, for the Historic Buses running day organised by Torbay council and the same people who organise the Weymouth Bus Rally.
See you there Dave?

Lord Hutton said...

And you will have seen there are new bus stops planned for the Palm Court, but not the theatre (coaches).
Anyway, it looks like a pretty good consultation to me!

49erDweet said...

Apparently the Torbay Council is just as interested in "consultation" as the staff of the current US administration in their push for a so-called health-care initiative. "Speak to the box. We care. We really do. Just don't expect any type of response, 'cuz our mind is already made up".

Cheers and stay between the lines.

Anonymous said...

They had the consultation - it was called a general election. The Democrats won and the Republicans lost. Get over it. The "Right" hate losing an election. Why did you have to peddle this here?

David said...

Actually I do believe if the majority of people who filled in the form in the picture or went on line and were against the proposal then Torbay Council would go back to the drawing board and change their plans. My problem was the lack of the personal touch not their inability to change. Mind you there really isn't an altenative we need the road working and America needs Health Care working.

David said...

Sorry X DG but 6 Sept is a Sunday and I work Sundays.

Dave the bus nut said...

Hi Dave, Re: the Green Bus. This page from the Western National Preservation Group will give you more pictures and details:
Best wishes, Dave-the Bus-Nut from Leicestershire

David said...

Thanks for the info Dave, I will have a look.