Saturday, 26 September 2009

Central Cinema & Torwood St

Now you might wonder what the Central Cinema which is in Abbey Rd has to do with Torwood St, then again you might not. Anyway I going to tell you. The Central Cinema used to be the Odeon but closed some years ago and was taken over by the Merlin Cinema group. Torwood Street is where a new development is in the planning stage. This development includes a cinema as well as a hotel, apartments and a few shops and a restaurant. The plans were looked at by the council and the people of Torquay and got rejected as too bland and too tall. The whole place is being redesigned and will be considered again. One person asked why the development needed a cinema as we already have a cinema in Torquay, the afore mentioned Central in Abbey Rd. To give you an idea what this cinema is like I took the above photo of the "What's on" board. The notice displaying the films being shown has been like this for the last few days. Doesn't look like anyone cares does it?

So hands up those who think we need a cinema in the Torwood Street development.


Anonymous said...

It's not a bad little cinema.
One of the big chain ones would be a lot worse.
I think the real problem is that nobody goes to the cinema much, generally.

David said...

I agree, it's not too bad but could do with a bit more TLC.