Saturday, 26 September 2009

"What's that 31 doing picking up on the 32 stop?"

There I was sitting on the Strand when a bus with 31 on the back stopped on the 32 stop outside Debenhams. I asked the nearby controller had the stops been changed since I left. In a moment he was heading across the road to sort out the problem. The driver didn't have incorrect blinds up as the front proclaimed the bus was a 32 and therefore in the right place. After a few attempts to correct the problem the bus headed of in the direction of Marychurch. So if you found yourself running after a 31 that turned out to be a 32 it wasn't the driver's fault, just a broken destination blind.


Ex DG said...

Ah yes I saw that one from the back, and thought a decker on the 31- not in 30 years that I can remember. Then thought perhaps a 32T gone wrong.

Retired driver Peter said...

This one proves you are still a bus driver at heart. It is the same sort of thing I would spot except that my local company (and past employer) does not believe in supervisory staff outside of an office and to get in touch with them is almost a nightmare even if you know who they are.