Wednesday, 9 September 2009

For Torbay Residents Only

THE third 'Any Questions?' session giving members of the public the opportunity to address the mayor Nick Bye, senior councillors and officers before meetings of Torbay Council's cabinet is to be held this month.

The forum will be held at the Town Hall, Castle Circus, Torquay on Tuesday, September 15 at 4.30pm, with members of the public being invited to stay on for the Cabinet meeting starting at 5pm.
People who wish to take part are asked to contact Teresa Buckley by email, or telephone 01803 207013 to register their intention by 4pm on Monday, September 14.

The above is an extract from an item in the Herald Express recently.

At the second forum only two people turned up. Could be due to apathy or could be due to the well thought out timing of the meeting.

So if you live in Torbay and would like to ask our beloved mayor any questions get along. True the meeting is at 4:30 when most people will have better things to do than ask pointless questions like:- When is the balloon scheduled to go and is there any way we can get rid of it sooner? Or When is the Mayor scheduled to go and is there any way we can we get rid of it sooner? Or When is The Blue Wall scheduled to go and is there any way we can get rid of it sooner? Or When will we ever get a council tax increase that isn’t 3 or 4 times the rate of inflation? Or When will we ever get a Tourist Board that actually increases tourist numbers in the Bay by making the place more attractive? Or when will the fenced off part (been fenced off for years) of Princess Gardens become unfenced? Or when will derlict hotels no longer have to burn down before they can stop being hotels and become appartments? Will Preston ever stop getting grid locked every summer? Or When will the council do something to Fleet Walk to make it easier for buses and pedestrians to use?

Any other ideas? If I have a big enough list I might get down there and bore the pants off our belovered leaders just for something to do.

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Lord Hutton said...

Some good questions. But sarcasm isnt something politicians do. See you there, Dave.