Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Life Story in Cars

An other trip up and down the motorway over, road works on the Avon Mouth Bridge, it's being resurfaced yet again and is down from 5 lanes to 3 but it is a very busy stretch of road and there were delays but not to bad. The other major road works I go through are on the road between coming of the Motorway at Junction 2 and going to the bus station in Dudley. No problem on the Sunday and not too much delay on the Monday morning on the way home. They are at Burn Tree Island and are there for 21 months. I have heard a fly over is being built there but other people say the plans have been changed and more traffic lights are being installed. Time will tell. Kingskerswell, on the approach to Torquay is still the biggest delay on the whole trip. Please Minister for Roads, give us the money for a by pass. NOW.

At the hotel I stayed at in Walsall I heard the life story of the receptionist, a gentleman from Croatia who had spent 10 years in the US of A before coning to England. I ended up knowing nothing about him, where he lived, what he did, did he have a partner, children, did he like America. None of that. What I did learn was what cars he owned, how big they were, what they cost, which one was the best, which one had the most optional extras, which one was a piece of junk, which one had the best fuel consumption, the best gearbox and of course which on was the fastest. In great detail. Just what I wanted to listen to after a long day driving the coach. I mean I like driving, I always have but my interest in cars has been limited to things like can I get behind the steering wheel and drive it, will it break down (I had some cheap wrecks in my youth) can I afford to put petrol in it, not how much brake horsepower it had or how much torque (?) it possessed or how What Car rated it. Fortunately his shift ended before I was driven to find the lift to the roof and throw my self off, hopefully onto the roof of his car. He was replaced by someone who had been thrown out of a Trappist monastery for complaining about the porridge every Christmas (never heard that joke, you ain’t lived) so life got better.

Oh yes, my monitor packed up a few days ago and I an using an old cathode ray thing that I have had for donkeys years. Been in a cupboard, I kept meaning to donate it to a Computer Musemn it's that old but it still works and one day must have been technology at it's most advance. Trouble is it is so dark and small I can hardly see my photos. There is an new one on it's way.

And it is 090909. Is the world going to end?


David said...

Please, no comments about the wallpaper. I know it's awful but it's only the computer room.

cogidubnus said...

I've been given a flat screen monitor and found it fairly lacking... particularly in terms of sharpness...

So I'm sticking with my prehistoric old Dell, (about 18" deep), which carries images with a quite admirable sharpness, excellent contrast and glorious colour... sometimes quality just tells.